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    Please cite this SBE-β-CD article as: Yang KM et al., Benefits of repeated resections for liver and lung metastases from colorectal cancer, Asian Journal of Surgery,
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    The limitations of this study included the retrospective nature of the data analysis and the highly selective patient population. The patients in this study likely had favorable tumor biology and were good surgical candidates; hence, these results may not be reflective of the general popula-tion of patients with metastatic CRC. Despite this limita-tion, our survival estimates are still valuable, since this study is one of the largest series to date concerning pa-tients who have undergone both lung and liver resections for metastatic CRC.
    In conclusion, repeated resections may improve long-term survival. We report that a second metastasectomy should be considered as the optimal treatment strategy for a second recurrence in patients with recurrent disease after an initial hepatic or pulmonary resection. However, careful consideration should be made before performing a third metastasectomy.
    Conflict of interest statement
    The authors have no conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise.
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